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From the Desk of Mayor Hardman

It was an annual tradition. At the start of Spring, Sharonville children from the streets of Henderson Court to Amelia Drive would gather at Gower Park. They would cue up against pastel colored ribbon longingly gazing at a field or playground covered with thousands of plastic eggs. Each child would anxiously await the bullhorn signaling the hunt was on. And then, in a matter of minutes, the children would scamper about grabbing as many toy- and candy- filled eggs as their little hands could reach. Once the hunt was over, they would empty their bags and baskets hoping that a golden egg (and a special prize) was amongst their treasure. Like so many things, the pandemic paused this tradition. But no longer – the Sharonville Annual Easter Egg Hunt is BACK!


And this year not only includes the return of the annual Egg Hunt tradition but also our 4th on the Loop Parade and celebration. On the Fourth of July, you are invited to join your neighbors and friends as we gather along Main Street and Reading Road for a patriotic procession in celebration of America. After the parade, you can stick around at our newly renovated Depot Square for more community fun and games. Be on the lookout for information about how you or an organization that you are a part of can be a part of this day’s celebration.


I hope that you share my enthusiasm for the return of these annual traditions to Sharonville. It is through city-wide activities like these that we show ourselves to be a connected community – the place to live, work & play

Hardman Family