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From the Desk of Mayor HardmanHardman Kevin

Winter is coming. While we have no threat in Sharonville of White Walkers or Frost Giants, snow storms will undoubtedly cause disruption to our normal traveling routines. Fortunately, we are blessed with award-winning City employees to battle the onslaught. Every year, Southwest Ohio Public Works crews come together for a Snowplow Roadeo. It is an opportunity for our employees to show off their skills in keeping our streets clean and passable. The competition starts at the county level and then moves on to a regional competition. Our Sharonville employees always make a good showing and this year has been no different. John Schroeder, Joe Lisi and Matt Baum took 4th, 3rd and 1st place during the Hamilton County portion of the Roadeo. Matt Baum then went on to place 1st in the Southwest Ohio competition – the first person in Roadeo history to win this honor 3 times! 

These three and the rest of our excellent Public Works team, led by one of our newest employees Steve Busam, faithfully tend to the many miles of city roads and parking lots. In any given winter season, they will drive over 10,000 miles to maintain our roads for safe passage of residents, business employees and visitors. We can expect over 1500 tons of salt and nearly 10,000 gallons of calcium chloride and brine to be deposited in the process of preparing for and battling the inevitable snow and ice events of Southwest Ohio. And of course, these events don’t occur during normal business hours, so the dedication of this staff to their on-call responsibilities is to be applauded.

When you inevitably see one of our Public Works plows this winter season take a moment to wave and thank the operator behind the wheel. Let them know that you too appreciate the time, dedication, and pride that they take in their work. It is that commitment that keeps Sharonville through these cold months THE City to Live, Work and Play.


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