Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for a broad range of products and services for city employees and job applicants, with the goal of ensuring an efficient and effective workforce to serve the public. Some of Human Resources' major functions include:
  • Working with the Civil Service Commission
  • Maintaining the city's classification plan
  • Resolving employee and applicant concerns
  • Negotiating and interpreting labor contracts
  • Developing and interpreting employee policies and procedures
  • Managing disciplinary issues
  • Maintaining employee records
  • Training employees
The mission of Human Resources is to acquire, maximize, and leverage talent by fostering a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and value using strategic-innovative solutions, shared partnerships, and an employee-driven focus to meet the changing needs of the employees and citizens today and into the future as we position the City of Sharonville to be an Employer of Choice. This is accomplished by:
  • Cultivating talent by fostering an environment of employee education, engagement, and empowerment while maintaining legal compliance to ensure an efficient and effective workforce.
  • Developing strategic partnerships and maximizing technology to create innovative solutions and enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring system alignment across the city.
Functional areas of focus:
  • Labor and employee relations
  • Organizational effectiveness and workforce development
  • Compensation
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Position management: promotions, transfers, demotions, etc
  • Policy design and management
  • Human resources information systems
  • Budget development / monitoring
  • Compliance and auditing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Records management
  • Civil Service Commission partnership: recruitment, assessment, selection, classification
HR Description
The Human Resources Director guides and manages the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the City of Sharonville. The major areas directed are:
  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Performance management and improvement systems
  • Organization development
  • Employment and compliance to regulations
  • Employee orientation, development, and training
  • Policy development and documentation
  • Union and employee relations
  • Compensation and classification administration
  • Employee services and counseling
  • Civil Service Commission liaison
The Human Resources Director sets best practices, human resources objectives and implements new services and policies to create and maintain an employee oriented, high performance work culture. This is attained by empowering employees to continually strive to improve quality, improve productivity and attain desired goals. Further, the Human Resources Director assists all departments in recruiting and developing a superior workforce. The Human Resources Director reports to the Safety / Service Director and is a member of the executive management team. In that role the Human Resources Director advises the Administration and Elected Officials regarding human resources issues.