Building, Zoning, and Planning

Building & Zoning Division

The purpose of the Building and Zoning Division is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Sharonville, as they relate to new construction, additions, remodeling, and existing buildings. This goal is achieved through the enforcement of the building, zoning, land use, and property maintenance codes. Both residential and commercial construction must meet these governing codes. This division assists customers by providing services such as:

  • Processing building permit applications
  • Reviewing and approving plans and specifications for construction
  • Issuing building permits
  • Providing required inspections for projects until completion and occupancy
  • Offering guidance and helpful information on how to complete your project
  • Assisting in property maintenance nuisance abatements

Not all permits in Sharonville are issued by the City. Please consult with these other jurisdictions at the beginning of your project planning process:

Sanitary Sewer (Utility) - Hamilton County Metropolitan Sewer District - 513-244-5500
Water (Utility) - Greater Cincinnati Water Works - 513-591-7970
Gas & Electric (Utilities) - Duke Energy - 513-421-9500
Plumbing (Work) - Hamilton County General Health District - 513-946-7800

Septic Tanks Licensing & Permits for Sewage Treatment/Septic Systems - Hamilton County General Health District - 513-946-7800

  • Plumbing Permits are required for all new commercial and residential plumbing installations. For all facilities with existing plumbing, i.e., the installation of new sinks, hot water heaters, fixtures, pop machines, etc., a plumbing permit will need to be pulled from Hamilton County Public Health Plumbing Division by a licensed plumber.

Zoning activity includes site plan review, zoning Downtown Bike Path Feasibility Studyverification, zoning certificates, zoning variances, and zoning enforcement. Site plan review is required for all new construction and building expansion as well as permits for fences, driveways, parking lots, swimming pools, deck additions, etc. When a site plan does not meet the requirements of the zoning code the applicant may either modify the plans to meet the code or apply for a variance, which is a request for relief from strict application of the code. If an applicant disagrees with an interpretation of the code official, the applicant may apply for an appeal of the official’s decision.

Variances and appeals are decided by the Board of Zoning Appeals, which consists of seven Sharonville residents and meets on a monthly basis. Variance requests are by far the most common application we receive, and the board decides on between four and six applications a month. Common residential requests include setbacks to accessory structures (sheds), solid fence locations, and other related yard and area requirements.

Common commercial requests include sign regulations, parking requirements, and setbacks. Yard and area variances must demonstrate practical difficulty to justify approval.  

 Planning Division

The Planning Division serves the public by providing information to the elected and other city officials to assist them in making decisions about the growth and development of the city. The division is responsible for enforcing land use regulations, developing long-range plans to meet future city-wide needs, and guiding physical development in the city.

The Planning Division performs the following duties:

  • Manages rezoning and PUD requests, conditional use permits, and subdivision applications
  • Coordinates all development plan reviews via a Staff Technical Review Committee that is comprised of staff from various city departments
  • Updates the zoning ordinance
  • Oversees revisions to and maintains the land use plan, thoroughfare plan, and comprehensive plan
  • Provides support staff to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Architectural Review Committee
  • Recommends design guidelines to the current Zoning Districts
  • Facilitates long-range area plans
  • Facilitates long-range growth strategies
  • Provides geographic information systems (GIS) support 

Property Maintenance Division

The Property Maintenance Division enforces the current edition of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) as published by the International Code Council.  The IPMC provides minimum standards for general maintenance of buildings and grounds. Property Maintenance enforcement includes both residential and commercial properties. The Planning Department continues proactive enforcement as well as quick response to complaints from residents and other parties.  


Code Enforcement Task Force

The Code Enforcement Task Force was created to provide a joint approach at code enforcement specific to different departments.   The Task Force demonstrates a concerted effort by the City to maintain property values and quality of life.   The Planning Department is the central point of contact for all code enforcement questions and concerns. 

Two staff members each represent the following city departments on the Code Enforcement Task Force:  Fire, Health, Police, Public Works, and Building/Planning.  In addition, two elected officials sit on the Task Force, attend meetings, and join group rides to target areas.
 The following documents are related to Sharonville's progress in building businesses and proper zoning:
2024 BZA & PC Meeting Schedule & Packet Mail Dates

2024 BZA & PC Meeting Schedule & Application Requirements