Code Enforcement - Property Maintenance - Zoning Enforcement

The City of Sharonville is a great place to live because most Sharonville residents and businesses take great pride in their homes, neighborhoods and places of business.  However, sometimes these collective efforts are negatively impacted by properties that fall into disrepair, high weeds and grass, garbage and debris accumulation and abandoned or junk vehicles.   The City of Sharonville enforces the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) and the Sharonville Zoning Ordinance to make sure Sharonville remains a desirable residential and business community.

Status of Current Violations

If you know of a potential violation, it may have already been reported to the City – check the list below for the status of current Property Maintenance and Zoning violations.

Click Here for the Most Up to Date List of Property Maintenance and Zoning Violations

Reporting Potential Violations

When reporting a potential violation, please have the address if possible, or other descriptive information if the violation will not be visually obvious from the public street.

Call:     563-0033 to report a potential violation.



Once a potential violation is reported, it is added to the list for upcoming inspection to determine if any potential code violations exist.  If a violation is found, a written Courtesy Letter or Zoning/Property Maintenance Violation Enforcement Notice is issued to the owner of the property with a time limit to remedy the situation. After the time limit has passed, a follow up inspection is performed to determine if the initial violation still exists. If on the compliance date the violation is addressed the case is closed.  The case is also closed if the owner is found to have addressed the violation prior to the compliance date.

If the violation is not addressed by the compliance date and there are no extenuating circumstances, the City can initiate legal action against the owner of the property through the Sharonville Mayor’s Court.

Appeals and Variances

Appeals of Violation Enforcement Notices may be filed, for cases that remain open or outstanding, in accordance with Sharonville Zoning Ordinance 1129.13 within 30 days of receipt of notice.

Appeals and/or Variance Applications associated with code enforcement cases must be submitted by the compliance deadline on the Courtesy Letter or Violation Enforcement Notice.

Most Common Property Maintenance Violations

  • High Grass and Weeds – Weeds and grass must not exceed eight (8) inches in height.  Sharonville Codified Ordinances Chapter 521,
  • Garbage and Debris Accumulation Such as paper, trash, garbage, waste, rubbish, refuse, junk, scrap materials such as automobile, trailer or vehicle chassis, parts or sections, or scrap iron, old metal, rope, bottles, lead pipe, paper, rags, stoves, furniture or other waste materials which is or may become noxious, offensive, injurious or dangerous to the public health, comfort or safety.  Sharonville Codified Ordinances Chapter 521,
  • Exterior Structure Maintenance – Buildings and structures must meet the minimum building standards of the International Property Maintenance Code (IMPC).  IPMC Chapter 1305.
  • Inoperable, Junk or Unlicensed Vehicles Such as junk, inoperable motor vehicles and vehicles with expired registration may not be stored outside in the open and must be stored in a completely enclosed building (not under a tarp or vehicle cover).  IPMC Chapter 1305.
  • Vehicle Parking – Vehicles parked in residential areas must be on a hard surface i.e. concrete, asphalt- not on grass.  Sharonville Zoning Ordinance 1121.03.
  • Accessory Structures Fences, sheds, accessory buildings and structures must be maintained structurally sound and in good repair. Sharonville Zoning Ordinance 1111.