EMS Billing

The City of Sharonville does bill those patients transported by EMS. This billing is done to offset the cost of providing our Paramedic Service. Each patient who is transported by ambulance will be billed. Calls for Assistance that do not result in transport are not billed. 


The City uses a third-party billing company to process all of the EMS billing. Currently, the City uses Medicount Management located in Evendale, Ohio to provide this service. If you are transported by Ambulance you will be contacted by Medicount Management to obtain or confirm your Insurance information. Please assist them in providing accurate data in order to process the claim in a timely manner. Also, IF you are a resident of Sharonville please let them know as you WILL NOT be responsible for ANY out-of-pocket expenses.  IF you ARE NOT a resident you will be responsible for the copays associated with this bill.


Any questions please call Chief Dan Sunderman at 513-563-0252 or Medicount Management at (800) 962-1484