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 Business Parks Sharonville offers more than 14,000,000-square-feet of commercial office space. Our business centers and office parks offer businesses all the amenities of a big city without the hassles of a big downtown. Sharonville has a healthy mix of new Class A space leasing at premium rates and smaller office facilities.

 Business parks
 Sharonville Corporate Center
 Duke Park
 Executive Park
 Spectrum Office Tower
 Park 42
 Summit Woods

 Sharonville is in regular contact with developers and brokers serving the Greater Cincinnati area. 

Historic Downtown Sharonville

Sharonville, Ohio's Depot Square was once home to a real railroad depot but is now the center of Sharonville's historic downtown retail district. The Downtown Sharonville Master Plan recommended the creation of a new Mixed Zoning District. This district is designed to create a vibrant downtown which is supportive of the core business district and is located along the east and south periphery of the downtown. Residential uses are now permitted along with traditional commercial, retail, entertainment, and food service. Multifamily uses are permitted, but the ordinance contains a series of minimum unit sizes to prevent high density multi-family developments. The new district reinforces both the historic and new urban lifestyle characteristics of Sharonville which create a fun and vibrant downtown experience.