Group Fitness

Not everyone enjoys working out alone. Come be held accountable to your workouts with friends and community members. We offer a variety of different group exercise classes for our members to choose from. Feel free to read through the descriptions and pick your favorite.  Join our Facebook Group, Sharonville Recreation Group Fitness, for more details.


Core Strength: Targets the abs, back, and glutes to improve core strength, stability, and posture using body weight, resistance bands, and free weights. 

Cycle: Climb and sprint your way to improved cardiovascular fitness as you pedal to the beat in this music driven, high energy, high intensity cycling interval class

HIIT: Incorporates several rounds that alternate between high intensity movements to significantly increase heart rate to 80% of max. heartrate followed by short periods of lower intensity movements.

Line Dancing:  Choreographed dances with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows. Participants all face each other or in the same direction and executing the steps at the same time. 

Pilates Fusion: Full body, low impact strength workout using light weights, resistance bands, and slides.

Strength & Endurance: burn calories while building strength and endurance through a variety of body weight and free weight exercises targeting all major muscle groups.

YIN Yoga: This relaxing class is a great compliment to your fitness routine as it will boost circulation, increase flexibility, lengthen connective tissue, and reduce stress.  Poses are held for 3-5 minutes per side using a variety of props to support the weight of the body.  No flow or standing postures, all poses done on the floor.  Appropriate for all levels.

Yoga: Energize your body and soul with dynamic yoga. Stretch and strengthen while improving posture, balance, and coordination. This vitalizing practice is designed to stimulate and balance all systems of the body. 

Yoga Flow: Practitioner moves dramatically from one posture immediately into another, following the breath. The continuous flow of movement and breath generates a meditative state, encouraging practitioners to let go of thought and focus on experience of the present moment.