How do I find out about available city jobs?

Most positions within the city are filled through the Civil Service competitive process. Please check our website for openings.

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1. How do I find out about available city jobs?
2. Do I have to live in the city to apply for a position?
3. If I am not considered for a position, but I believe that I do meet the qualifications, what can I do?
4. May I submit a resume and be called when something opens up in my field?
5. Why are there upper age limits for police and fire positions?
6. How can I obtain a description of work for a particular job?
7. How many employees does Sharonville employ?
8. How many police officers and fire fighters are on the city's payroll?
9. How do I file an EEO complaint through the City?
10. How do I File a Complaint of Disability Discrimination