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IMPORTANT: Applicants must fully comply with ALL requirements and provisions included in this notice. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from further participation in the application and employment process.


NOTICE: The City Of Sharonville has a vacancy in the classification of Probationary Patrol Officer.  This is a full-time position.  All application and employment procedures will be administered and monitored by The Sharonville Civil Service Commission.


WAGES AND BENEFITS:  Wages and benefits are very competitive.  The current new hire pay rate is $22.83 per hour for a non-certified officer or $26.85 or more per hour for an officer-in-training.  An offer of employment at a pay rate above the current new hire pay rates may be tendered to an applicant based on the level of the applicant’s work-related experience and qualifications that exceeds the minimum qualifications included in the attached job description.  Applicants employed at such higher pay rate will be required to serve a one-year probationary period.  The current maximum pay rate for Senior Patrol officer is $41.63 per hour.   Benefits will be discussed during the interview process.  


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Each applicant MUST (1) be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and not more than forty (40) years of age as of initial appointment to the position of Patrol Officer (see below), AND (2) have attained a high school diploma or equivalency (GED) AND (3) possess a currently valid driver license.


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  The application for employment must clearly demonstrate the applicant’s compliance with all minimum qualifications included in the above paragraph and the minimum qualifications included in the attached job description.  Applications that do not clearly demonstrate compliance with all minimum qualifications stated in this notice and included in the attached job description will not be processed.


DRIVER LICENSE AND INSURABILITY:  This classification requires that applicants possess a currently valid driver license at the time of appointment and maintain a valid driver license during their term of employment. In addition, employees must maintain a driving record that complies with the requirements of The City Of Sharonville insurance carrier.


APPLICATION DATES AND PROCEDURE: Beginning on the Notice Posting Date at the top of this Notice Of Employment Opportunity, applications for employment for the classification of Probationary Patrol Officer MUST be fully completed and submitted through the Employment Portal found on the City Of Sharonville web site at (click on “How Do I” then click on “Apply For”).   Applicants can only submit applications for employment by closely and completely following ALL instructions and requirements of the Employment Portal. All applications for employment and all required supporting documentation MUST be timely submitted through the Employment Portal. Applications for employment and/or required supporting documentation submitted by U S Postal Service mail, any other delivery service, fax, e-mail, electronically, hand delivery, etc. will not be processed.  All applications for employment and all required documentation must be received through the Employment Portal no later than 11:59 PM on February 13, 2022.


WRITTEN EXAMINATION:  Applicants who timely submit an application for employment as described above are required to participate in a written examination.  The written examination may also include video segments.  The written examination will be conducted at the Sharonville Convention Center, 11355 Chester Road, Sharonville, Ohio 45246.  See next paragraph for date and time.  A current government issued picture identification card is required for admittance.  The exam may include questions that require mathematical calculations.  Applicants should bring a calculator-only device to the exam.  Cell phones can not be used as a calculator.    


WRITTEN EXAMINATION DATE AND TIME:  The written examination has been scheduled for Saturday, February 19, 2022. The examination will be administered twice on that date to accommodate employment and educational schedules.  The first exam will begin at 10:00 AM.  The second exam will begin at 6:00 PM.  Applicants must report at the registration table PRIOR TO 10:00 AM OR PRIOR TO 6:00 PM. The registration table will be located within the examination room and will open one hour prior to the examination start time.  Applicants can participate in either the 10:00 AM exam or the 6:00 PM exam.  It is not necessary for applicants to notify The Sharonville Civil Service Commission in advance of which starting time you have selected.  THIS IS THE ONLY NOTICE OF THE WRITTEN EXAMINATION DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE.  


ARRIVAL TIMEArrival 15 minutes prior to the written examination start time is strongly suggested to enable applicants to read instructions and reduce the time before all applicants are permitted to begin the exam.  Pencils for marking the answer form will be provided.  Late arrivals will not be admitted.  However, the Sharonville Civil Service Commission may permit an applicant who arrives late to take a provisional examination only when a specific unavoidable and VERIFIABLE condition (excess traffic, inclement weather, closed streets, natural disasters, etc.) caused an applicant or group of applicants to arrive late. IMPORTANT – the Sharonville Convention Center parking lot will be very crowded on the exam date.  Applicants should allow extra time to find parking and walk to the examination room PRIOR TO THE EXAM START TIME.


SAFETY NOTICE: Applicants must comply with all safety and communicable disease requirements that are in effect on the date of the written examination as determined by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Division of the U S Department Of Health (CDC), The Ohio Department Of Health, and/or the Hamilton County Public Health Department.  The Sharonville Civil Service Commission will configure written examination facilities within such requirements.  Immediately upon arrival at the written examination facility, any applicant who is not comfortable with seating spacing must express their concern to one of the exam proctors.  Applicants who are exhibiting any symptoms associated with any COVID related viruses will not be permitted to participate in the written examination procedure.


PASSING SCORE: Each candidate’s employment eligibility requires the achievement of a passing score of 70% or greater for the written examination.   Applicants who achieve a passing score will be placed on an eligible list ranked by final score.  Final scores on the eligible list will include any extra credit as described in the following paragraph.  Employment eligibility will be subject to Ohio Civil Service Law and/or The Rules And Regulations Of The Sharonville Civil Service Commission.  If two or more applicants achieve identical written examination passing scores, applicants will be listed on the eligible list in order of the earliest time and date that their application for employment was received.  In some situations, federal law requires military veterans or national guard members to be ranked highest when two or more applicants achieve identical passing scores.


EXTRA CREDIT:  Extra credit will be added to each applicant’s written examination passing score of 70.00 or greater for ONE of the following: (1) military credit of 20% of the passing score to candidates who submit with their application for employment a military service DD-214 form confirming an honorable discharge, OR (2) educational credit of 15% of the passing score for a currently effective Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) certification (proof of a currently effective OPOTA certification MUST be submitted with the application for employment), OR (3) educational credit of 10% of the passing score for a bachelor’s degree or above, OR (4) educational credit of 5% of the passing score for an associate degree.  IMPORTANT: Copies of degree substantiation documents, OPOTA certification, or DD-214 forms MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT or extra credit will not be applied.


EMPLOYMENT OFFER: Subsequent to an offer of employment, and prior to beginning employment, candidates may be subject to a background check, verification of prior employment, verification of scholastic history, assessment of job-related skills, a physical fitness examination, and/or a drug/alcohol screen.


ACCOMMODATION:  Any applicant who requires any special accommodation(s) for any phase of the application, examination, and/or pre-employment procedures must attach to his/her application for employment a written request that clearly describes any requested accommodation and the specific reason(s) for any requested accommodation.  If any requested accommodation is for any type of medical condition, a dated statement from a doctor or other medical practitioner that generally describes the medical condition and the requested accommodation MUST be attached to the application for employment.  Such medical statement must include the name, address, phone number, and other contact information of such doctor or medical practitioner, and must be dated no more than one year prior to the submission date of the application for employment. Substantiation of requests for any accommodation(s) for reasons other than a medical condition may be required.


CHANGE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION:  If an applicant has a change of name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. at any time following the date he/she submitted an application for employment until such time as the applicant’s name no longer appears on an employment eligibility list (up to two years), it is the applicant’s responsibility to notify The Sharonville Civil Service Commission of such change by U S Postal Service certified or priority mail (no other notification method is permitted) to The Sharonville Civil Service Commission, 10900 Reading Road, Sharonville, OH 45241. The Sharonville Civil Service Commission or the City Of Sharonville will not make any effort to contact any applicant if contact cannot be made through the most recent information provided in writing by the applicant.


EXAMINATION PROCEDURE ADMINISTRATION:  All provisions of this Notice Of Employment Opportunity will be administered and monitored by The Sharonville Civil Service Commission.


LEGAL COMPLIANCE:  All provisions of this Notice Of Employment Opportunity and all examination components are subject to all applicable provisions of The Rules And Regulations Of The Sharonville Civil Service Commission and/or Chapter 124 of The Ohio Revised Code.


The City Of Sharonville is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 


This notice issued by

The Sharonville Civil Service Commission

Paul Kattelman, Chairman

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