Financial Information

City of Sharonville Taxes

            Municipal Income/Earnings Tax

The City of Sharonville has an earnings tax of 1.5% that applies to all who live, work, operate a business or do business within the City of Sharonville. Please contact the Sharonville Tax Office for more information.

State of Ohio Taxes

Commercial Activities Tax (CAT)

Tax on Ohio Gross Receipts (OGR)
• OGR < $150,000, CAT=$0
• OGR > $150,000 but < $1,000,000, CAT=$150
• OGR > $1,000,000, CAT=$150 + .26% of amount over $1,000,000

The commercial activity tax (CAT) is an annual tax imposed on the privilege of doing business in Ohio, measured by gross receipts from business activities in Ohio. Businesses with Ohio taxable gross receipts of $150,000 or more per calendar year must register for the CAT, file all the applicable returns, and make all corresponding payments. A variety of resources on the CAT may be found on the Ohio Department of Taxation website.

Sales & Use Tax

The Sales & Use Tax for Hamilton County is 6.5%.
The Sales & Use Tax for Butler County is 6.25%.

The Ohio sales and use tax applies to the retail sale, lease, and rental of tangible personal property as well as the sale of selected services in Ohio. In transactions where sales tax was due but not collected by the vendor or seller, a use tax of equal amount is due from the customer.

The state sales and use tax rate is 5.75 percent. Counties and regional transit authorities may levy additional sales and use taxes. For more information about the sales and use tax, please visit the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Real Property Tax

Sharonville is of one of the few cities in the State of Ohio that does not levy property taxes. Real Property in the State of Ohio is tax at 35% of the appraised value of the property. By definition, real property is land, buildings and improvements to property. All real property in the State, used for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes is taxed. The county auditor in each respective county is responsible for appraising all parcels in the county every six years, with an update every three years.

Property taxes are made up of several components. School districts make up the greatest portion of millage collected by property taxes. Counties and various levies (zoo, library, mental health, MRDD, etc.) make up the next largest millage. Municipalities or townships, depending upon the location of the parcel, make up the next portion of the collected millage.

The total commercial millage for real property collected in the City of Sharonville, Princeton School District, is 55.840020 mills. In other words, if a commercial or industrial structure has an appraised value of $1 million, then the tax collected on that property is calculated as follows:

• Appraised value $1,000,000
• Assessment rate 35%
• Assessed value $350,000
• Tax millage 55.840020
• Annual Real Estate Tax $19,544


Butler County Auditor Website

Hamilton County Auditor Website