Pool rules are provided to members upon purchase of membership. If you have immediate questions regarding pool rules, please contact the Aquatics Director at 563-2895 ext. 7105. 

Guest Policy
The guest fee is $4 per person. A responsible person, at least 15 years of age, must accompany pool guests under the age of 10. If deemed by the pool management that the chaperon is not proven to be responsible, we reserve the right to ban future entrance into the pool as a chaperon. Part of the criteria that is used in determining whether a chaperon is responsible is as follows:
  • Guest(s) must stay with member at all times.
  • Chaperon does not condone or participate in unsafe practices.
  • Chaperon stays vigilant and does not divide his/her attention between friends or other distractions.
Supervision Policy
The maximum one adult can supervise is five children under the age of seven. One adult can supervise seven children over the age of seven. Adults may not leave the pool area.

Health Code
With the exception of water bottles, food and drink of any kind are not permitted around the pool area. Baby changing stations are located inside the locker rooms. Board of Health restrictions requires that you do not change diapers in the pool area. Additionally, the Board of Health restrictions require that you do not swim if you are experiencing symptoms of diarrhea. Toddlers and babies using the pool must wear a swim diaper and swim suit.

Disabled persons have easy access into all Aquatic Center pools. The family play pool is designed for zero depth entrance. Additionally, the plunge and competitive pools have an in-deck lift system for easy pool entry. Please have a caregiver available to assist you with the equipment if necessary.