Trammel Fossil Park

Trammel Fossil Park is named after the family who donated the 10 acres to the City of Sharonville, the R.L. Trammel Family.

This generous donation was made in the spirit that Sharonville would develop it into a place where schools and avid fossil hunters could come and explore for all time to come.

What Makes Us Unique
Trammel Fossil Park is unique because there are very few places to dig for fossils in the Cincinnati area that are safe and accessible. Since the plot of Trammel Fossil Park has never been disturbed, there is a plethora of fossils in very good condition.

Schools as far as New York have come to Trammel Fossil Park for exploration.

Directions to the Park
  • Take I-275 to the Route 42 Sharonville exit.
  • Take Route 42 north.
  • The very first traffic light north of I-275 is Hauck Road - White Castle on the corner, turn left. 
  • Follow Hauck down the hill. 
  • Watch for the "Peterbilt" sign on the left - on the right at that point is Tramway Road. 
  • Turn right and follow just past the last business on the right before Tramway veers left. 
  • The park is on the right. 
  • There is a yellow RJR Radiator sign / building on the right at the entrance to Tramway Drive.
Trammel Fossil Park