Parks & Recreation

The Sharonville Parks and Recreation Department strives at all times to cultivate a welcoming, safe, and caring community of wellness, recreation, and education. Located in historic Sharonville, our facilities are membership-based and are open to residents, Sharonville businesses and non-residents alike. All staff work very hard to insure excellence in programs, facilities and family-friendly customer service. We welcome you and your family to join our family. We are sure you will find that the facilities, activities and services will fit your many interests and needs. We are glad to have you with us and we look forward to proudly serving you in the future.

Sharonville Community Center
The Sharonville Community Center is a membership-based facility, located at 10990 Thornview Drive in historic Sharonville. The facilities are open to residents of Sharonville, Sharonville business employees, and to non-residents as well.
The staff of the Sharonville Parks and Recreation Department welcomes you and your family to join our family. We are sure you will find that the facilities, activities and services will fit your many interests and needs.

Community center amenities:
  • Indoor track - 1/12 mile banked running / walking track
  • Fitness center
  • Double gymnasium with suspended wooden floor
  • Aerobics / dance / martial arts room with mirrored walls, sound system and dance bars
  • Family game area with billiards, table tennis, and foosball
  • Nursery equipped with age appropriate interactive play features and adjoining outdoor patio
  • Arts & craft room, equipped with tools, storage, and kiln
  • Adult gather room, elegant adult lounge with TV, couches, card tables, kitchenette, and adjoining outdoor patio
  • Adult game room, equipped for billiards and table tennis
  • Meeting rooms available for rent
  • Multipurpose room (rentals, activities, and gymnasium)
Stay and Play Zone
The Sharonville Parks & Recreation Department is synonymous with quality. We extend this quality to the care of your children. We will provide a safe, healthy, fun, and nurturing, environment for your children while they are at the Stay and Play Zone.  Here are the Stay and Play guidelines:
  • All necessary paperwork (medical form) must be completely filled out prior to leaving your child in the Stay and Play Zone for the first time.
  • By state mandate, a two hour limit per day is imposed.
  • For the safety of all children, all parents or guardians MUST sign children into and out of the Stay and Play Zone.
  • The use of the Stay and Play Zone is intended for use while the parent / guardian is using the indoor facilities of the Sharonville Community Center. The adult signing the child in to the zone must stay inside of the Sharonville Community Center. The adult may not go outdoors. (Example: a child may not use the Stay and Play Zone if the parent is using the Aquatics Center, park, or outdoor tennis courts.
  • The Stay and Play staff will only release a child to the individual who brought and signed the child in, regardless of relationship. The only exception to this is if a hand written consent letter is given to the staff at time of drop off.
  • Children will not be permitted to have food or beverages inside the zone area. Also, we are not permitted to administer medication of any kind.
  • In compliance with Health Department rules, all children must wear shoes while in the zone.
  • If a child appears to be ill or becomes ill while in the zone, the parent will be required to remove the child. As a health standard, courtesy to others and for the well-being of your children, no sick children will be admitted to the room.
  • All diaper changing supplies must be provided. Parent may be called for assistance based on the staff to child ratio.
  • There are coat hooks available for the children’s coats and diaper bags. The child’s name must be clearly marked on all items.
  • For your child's own safety, please alert the nursery staff of any special circumstances such as strict food allergies, each time they visit. 
Our goal is to provide a positive experience for everyone. For this reason a parent will be notified if: [1] a child cannot be quieted from crying with a reasonable amount of time (5-10 minutes), [2] a child demonstrates behavior that is dangerous to that child or anyone else in the Nursery, [3] a child appears to be ill. Remember to fill out this form before arriving.

 Learn more about the Sharonville Parks and Recreations Department, including hours of operation and facilities, here.