Group Exercise

Not everyone enjoys working out alone. Come be held accountable to your workouts with friends and community members. We offer a variety of different group exercise classes for our members to choose from. Feel free to read through the descriptions and pick your favorite. 


Cardio & Sculpt: This cardio combo class keeps you moving combining cardio, strength, core and flexibility exercises to give you an overall body workout.

Core Boot Camp: This power core training class focuses on strengthening, toning and tightening your powerhouse (abs, thighs, and glutes) all movements should initiate from the core so this class is a must!

Cycle: Cycle inspired group exercise training with expert coaching and exhilarating music-all at a self-directed pace.  As a group you will travel flat roads, climb hills, sprint and race. This is a low impact class suitable for all fitness levels. 

Cycle Sculpt:  This class begins with a 30 minute endurance training ride with drills, climbs and sprints and then transitions into total body sculpting.

Mommy & Me Yoga:  A playful, rejuvenating yoga experience for moms and their babes (ages 3 months to 2 years). Relax into your body while moving at your own pace and level of depth in poses. Your little one is free to share in the yoga practices with you or explore the space on his or her own. Nurture yourself and the bond with your child in an uplifting community of mamas.

Pilates: This class involves exercises of varying difficulty that develop core strength (abdominals, back, hips), improve posture and balance, and increase flexibility.

POUND®: Rock your body with this modern-day fusion of movement and music. Pound is a drumming infused cardio focused class that burns fat and tones the entire body.

Power Hour: is a total body muscular endurance workout using a combination of cardio, weights, and resistance to engage all muscle groups. The class will be a variety of formats to challenge our muscles and rev up our heart rates! Great full body stretching routine at the end to improve range of motion, increase circulation, and calm the mind.

Yoga: Explore basic stretches and dynamic exercises that introduce you to the building blocks of yoga. Our deliberate slow pace awakens you to the connection of breath and movement. These rhythmic sequences are designed to open your major joints, relax your muscles, and allow a free flow of energy through your body and mind. 

 Yoga Flow: Energize your body and soul with dynamic yoga flow. Stretch and strengthen while improving posture, balance, and coordination. This vitalizing practice is designed to stimulate and balance all systems of the body. Class moves at a moderate pace and is open to all levels of experience.

Yoga Fusion: Dance your way through yoga class! Explore the upbeat intersection of yoga and dance. Get into new rhythms for your mind-body connection. Enhance confidence & self-esteem in a non-competitive atmosphere. No prior yoga or dance experience required. 

ZUMBA®: A fusion of Latin world beat music with easy-to-follow dance moves that creates a high energy, calorie burning and fun workout.

Group Exercise