Honor. Dedication. Pride. Partnership.

We will demonstrate honor and integrity in all that we do.

We will uphold the fundamental values of democracy through belief in the Constitution and dedication to liberty and justice.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in our city through spirited and quality service.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of work in our department through interaction and concern for each other and the community we serve.

The Sharonville Police Department is a full-time, full-service professional law enforcement organization that provides a comprehensive package of services to community members. The Police Department is located in the north end of the Municipal Building, and staff members are available every hour of every day to provide assistance and serve the community. 

The department is currently staffed by 45 full-time employees, 37 of whom are sworn officers. The additional staff members are clerical and support personnel. The department provides 24-hour uniformed patrol and offers the services of a detective unit, a police K-9 unit, a full-time Community Services Officer and 3 School Resource Officers.

Message from the Chief

The City of Sharonville Police Department has a long and proud history of service to the people and businesses of our community.  Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of learning from and serving with the men and women of the Sharonville Police Department. I have felt and witnessed, firsthand, the honor that comes with wearing a Sharonville Police Department uniform.  I hope the Sharonville Police Department is seen as approachable, and our commitment to building a foundation of teamwork within our community is apparent.